Orlando Internet Fixed Wireless Service for Business

Orlando Internet Fixed Wireless Service

We offer Orlando Internet fixed wireless service for business customers who
  need highly reliable, dedicated Internet connections of 10 MB to 1 Gigabit
or more.
These types of connections favorably replace
traditional wired connections because
they by-pass the local phone and cable companies.
Fixed wireless is a proven alternative
for last-mile access that can be installed in
a few days, instead of several months for fiber.

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Orlando Internet Fixed Wireless Service

Our dedicated Internet service perfectly suits business customers who do not have
access to fiber or who need excellent failover or redundant connections. Hotel, retail
and other companies who need always on, dedicated connections will benefit from our
excellent service.
We bypass the local phone company to provide faster provisioning
intervals, immediate scalability and complete redundancy for our customers. We also
can deliver totally redundant connections that use both fiber and wireless technology.

Below is one of our Orlando Internet Fixed Wireless Coverage Maps,
please know that we have full coverage with the LTE, 4G and 5G networks.
Orlando Internet fixed wireless Internet service coverge map

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